10 Weirdest Things Anybody Ever Said To Me About Creating Art While I Was Creating It

People have a strange sense of what to say when they see someone, like me – doing art, sculpting, painting, designing and creating something new. It seems like maybe – (maybe, hah-hah) that people don’t know quite what to say.

So, I wrote down some good ones and here are the best 10 weirdest things people said to me about doing art when they saw me doing it –

      1. Cricket, are you still coloring?” – watching me doing a commissioned portrait.
      2. Can I get that in blue?” – looking at a painting that took me three months to finish.
      3. Is that paint by numbers?” – watching me paint a deer in a large landscape.
      4. Go check the box for the directions.” – there isn’t any box it comes in – my paintings, artworks and designs don’t come from a box or a book with directions and there aren’t instructions showing what color goes next or how to get it to look “right”.
      5. If you want to have a business making pillows, you have to go buy fabric – you can’t do it online.” – it was funnier at the time than it is now that I think about it.


  1. Well, if you don’t like the knife held in the Indian girl’s hand, I can cut that part of the canvas off and then frame it for you.” – said by a framer to one of the collectors of my artworks who was having a disagreement with her husband because he didn’t like the knife in the hand of the girl in the painting and she did.
  2. I don’t have time to spend 30 minutes sitting for my portrait, just make it look like me.” – there are no words for this one but it takes weeks to produce the painting, many hours of work and the buyer can’t spend 30 minutes so I can get it right?
  3. We paid $5,000 for a portrait that wasn’t even close to this good – it didn’t even look like us, but my parents bought it for us in San Francisco.” – said to me by the buyers picking up their commissioned wedding portrait 36″ x 48″ in oils who only paid $200 for it because “nobody knows who you are, Cricket”.
  4. Well, if it was me, I’d do it like this” – from a multitude of people who had never painted a portrait, landscape, seascape, floral or with oil paints ever – or with artist pastels, or watercolors, or any of a thousand other mediums and techniques I’ve learned to use over the years. Gotta love em though.
  5. If you were any good, you’d have sold everything you ever painted, so you must not be any good.” – it isn’t pouring concrete, or automatically seen by anyone simply because I create something artistic, paint an artwork, design, sculpt or make a stained glass piece I designed. There are people who specialize in sales because it is an entire skill set, which I have learned and studied, practiced and practiced without becoming good at them.
  6. Can you paint that on my wall?” Of course they don’t want to pay you more than a few hundred (if you are lucky) for making that 24″ x 36″ oil painting into a 10′ x 11′ wall piece.

Okay, so it was 11 weirdest things people have said to me about art while I was creating art, (and designs). Although, if I thought about it a bit, there are hundreds of those weird things people have said considering I’ve worked in this field for (how long do I admit to?) – well, never mind.

  • cricketdiane, 01-31-2018



Personal Stories from Years of Making, Creating, Problem-Solving, Inventing and Innovating

CricketDiane Sculpture Warrior 1 2016 - 2I can’t think of any. My sense of humor is gone. Will have to come back to this subject when – well, maybe – never.

Yes, I am an inventor, innovator, creator and maker. Yes. I’ve done a lot of all those things since I was like 5 years old and especially over the last 50 yrs, nearly daily on a vast array of things. But no, can’t think of a thing today about any of it.

Sometimes I stumble over something I’ve designed, made or built, invented or created and remember what the process and occasion was in vivid detail, including the problem-solving at various stages and seeing it to completion with some measure of pride about accomplishing it. But today – it all seems very distant and unimportant to try and remember any of it to simply share with others on my blog in a way that is fun and entertaining to read.

Maybe my mind is too over-shadowed with the questions – Why would anyone want to read about that? Why would there be an audience for any of that when people seem to want nearly anything else but not this? There isn’t any respect for it where I live or in my family although they’re enjoying the fruits from my doing these things. I don’t know. Maybe today is just a bad day for thinking about any of it.

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