Spring Flowers Inspire the Hunger to Paint and Create

In New York City where I live, there are flowers everywhere when Spring comes. The opportunity to run around and get photographs of the flowers makes my pocket bulge with a point and shoot camera with its 20 megapixels and great macro option.

Nearly every other day, it rains or is cold and windy that makes drawing or painting outside not practical to do, but on the other days, the flowers call me to come paint.

Inspiring touches of sunlight brighten the petals and leaves with a sparkle that I’m constantly enticed to try and capture in paint and in photographs. The colors are so beautiful.


Pretty New Designs for Mothers Day

https://spark.adobe.com/post/dCurkMSR4O26P/Happy Flowers CricketDiane Style


A new set of designs I made today for Mothers’ Day and gifts for her with happy flowers and a trendy boutique style look – flowered, fun and summery. Great gift idea as a set to take to the beach or grab up a picnic and a good book to take to the park. Fun and pretty.

Also, trying to get used to Adobe Spark to make posts like this – the words at the bottom are almost invisible. Still – it came out so pretty.

You can find these pretty personalized gifts at Zazzle – on my store here – CricketDiane