A Funny Book Bag


Using a stack of books that I made in Illustrator, then uploaded into Zazzle’s editor to do the text on each book so that every title can be easily changed to suit the customer by using the template provided, this funny book bag with its stack of books makes a fun gift personalized to the person who loves libraries, reading, books, and/or is going to school, college, classes or technical seminars.

The artwork of books was created by me, CricketDiane and then used over on Zazzle’s products. The design can be transferred to other products as well and the series includes laptop neoprene bags and other things in the series.


About CricketDiane –

I’ve been creating nearly every day since I was a kid and that is over 50 years. I’ve created in numerous ways in a range that moves from art to problem-solving to inventing, creating music, sculpting and painting to writing and doing various computer / online based projects.


“It is better to make the effort to move forward and release the flow of ideas to work with them and do things creatively, create things and invent and write and make – I definitely know that by experience.” – cricketdiane, 2018

You can find more of my art and designs here –

CricketDiane and Cricket House Studios Store on Zazzle

and other blog writings by me here –


And see my current efforts on GoFundMe to make a board game I created into a video game that I’m working on right now –

The Scared Donkey Mine Money Game by CricketDiane on GoFundMe

And the website for Cricket House Studios is found here –





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