Wine Tasting Invitations with Wine Vino and Grapes Designs Aprons Tote Bags Posters Art

These designer wine items I made recently on my Zazzle store from artworks that were both hand rendered as drawings and photographs I made – then some of the designs also worked from there through Photoshop to make nifty new looks for them.

The designs on this post are for wine tasting events, for wine lovers and to have wine themed artwork in your home or apartment, or vacation cottage. They make great wine themed gifts too.

The first design is in black and white with the word, Vino on it – as an artwork poster showing the wine bottle and grapes from one of my hand-rendered drawings.


These two shopping tote bags are pretty and fashionably trendy with the same wine bottle and grapes drawing I did and the word, Vino across it.



There is also a vino / wine apron I made from the wine bottle and grapes drawing to use hosting a wine tasting event or barbecue / cookout. Or – as a gift to someone who loves cooking with wine.


Wine Tasting invitations made with a CricketDiane artwork and design – with a bottle of vino and simple clean drawing of a wine bottle and grapes plus information you can customize to your wine event or wine tasting party.


One of the other still life wine bottle, wine glass and copper kettle with grapes photographs that I made with a different artistic look to the image (as a poster). Great poster for the kitchen, dining room, for a boutique coffee house or for a wine seller to gift at a tasting event.


Showing the wine bottle design I did in a drawing for this vino tote – I love the look of the grapes in this one. It is a great wine tote bag to take to a wine tasting or a weekend at the vineyard tasting events.


A nice poster art piece using one of my photographs of a still life with wine bottle, wine glass, grapes and a copper tea kettle. Using art software, I changed the colors and added the word, Vino to the image. Available on demand at Zazzle through my CricketDiane store.


A nice tote bag to take with you to that wine tasting event and bring back at least a couple bottles of vino. One of my pastel chalk drawings of a wine bottle, wine glass and grapes made the design for this contemporary fashion vino tote.


About CricketDiane –

I’ve been creating nearly every day since I was a kid and that is over 50 years. I’ve created in numerous ways in a range that moves from art to problem-solving to inventing, creating music, sculpting and painting to writing and doing various computer / online based projects.

“It is better to make the effort to move forward and release the flow of ideas to work with them and do things creatively, create things and invent and write and make – I definitely know that by experience.” – cricketdiane, 2018




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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from CricketDiane and Cricket House Studios Art and Design



Working on The Scared Donkey Mine Money Game and Making My Designs Into CricketDiane Products on Zazzle Today

Today, I made this NYC Architecture tote bag on my CricketDiane store / Cricket House Studios and posted it at Zazzle.

The characters that I’m going to create on the Scared Donkey Mine Game were hand drawn by me yesterday early in the a.m. / they were designed by me, with one for Granny D, King Pindick, No Help Hannah, a gem cluster and a chunk of raw ore for the mines. Today, I will be using those drawings to construct them in Photoshop and use them directly on the game development platform to make a little snippet of action with them hopefully.

Here is the tote bag I made today – (you’ll have to wait to see the other things I’m working on, including the game characters but I am working on creating them right now.)


I might make a couple more things over on Zazzle from my saved designs today so my store’s catalog will update and there will be some new designs there.

Will probably use Godot to make the game or Panda3D, both open source. Need to check a couple more things about them first though, like tutorials about them and game developers’ commenting on them in general.

If I can just get a little of this game to show as a video, it will make The Scared Donkey Mine Money Game come to life and start having some of the elements needed for pitching it properly to some companies, if I have a chance to do that.

Have one of the formats for the Game Design Development Document – from a template on the internet which I’m going to use to put the hand-written GDD that I’ve already made about 15 pages of (by hand), into. That will help too.

Checked on a lot of game development blogs and articles that cover how to calculate the costs of developing a game within a more focused and exact set of costs. Tomorrow, or later today, I’m expecting to take those pieces of information and start putting them into a genuine cost-projection for developing the game, hiring some fluent game coders, and putting the equipment together and licenses for software that will be needed, among other things.

That’s it for right now. Painted a little on the oil painting of a still life that I’ve been fiddling with every so often – did that already for a little while today. Might come back and do a video of it – just something short to add to twitter and youtube.

  • cricketdiane, 02-23-18


The current GoFundMe campaign to turn my board game called, The Scared Donkey Mine Money Game into a video game is here, check it out when you get a chance if you haven’t already, and please share it. Thanks so much!


If you haven’t seen my store yet on Zazzle, it is found here – Believe it or not, I designed all of that stuff using my artworks and designs, except for about a dozen things on the store that I designed with others (like grandchildren, or daughters, or friends).



Personal Stories from Years of Making, Creating, Problem-Solving, Inventing and Innovating

CricketDiane Sculpture Warrior 1 2016 - 2I can’t think of any. My sense of humor is gone. Will have to come back to this subject when – well, maybe – never.

Yes, I am an inventor, innovator, creator and maker. Yes. I’ve done a lot of all those things since I was like 5 years old and especially over the last 50 yrs, nearly daily on a vast array of things. But no, can’t think of a thing today about any of it.

Sometimes I stumble over something I’ve designed, made or built, invented or created and remember what the process and occasion was in vivid detail, including the problem-solving at various stages and seeing it to completion with some measure of pride about accomplishing it. But today – it all seems very distant and unimportant to try and remember any of it to simply share with others on my blog in a way that is fun and entertaining to read.

Maybe my mind is too over-shadowed with the questions – Why would anyone want to read about that? Why would there be an audience for any of that when people seem to want nearly anything else but not this? There isn’t any respect for it where I live or in my family although they’re enjoying the fruits from my doing these things. I don’t know. Maybe today is just a bad day for thinking about any of it.

  • cricketdiane, 01-13-2018